I made a greeting card this week.

When I create something – anything – I am like a little kid, fully absorbed in the act of expression. Of course, I wander between that silent overconfidence of the novice, thinking my creation is the greatest thing that has ever been born, and the adult in me, who knows I am a skill-less idiot, whose audacity is born of impulse and ignorance. That doesn’t take away the joy of the process for me. That joy dominates until a judging, or worse, silent, public reminds me of the foolishness of that audacity. But…

Little over a week ago, I wrote a piece about how when we promote people (Kavanaugh) within a context that evades truth (think Judiciary Committee Hearings, the FBI Investigation), we destroy not just democracy and the rule of law, but truth and our shared basis for reality. Last week it was a national issue.

Just as we were in the throes of that story, Jamal Khashoggi disappeared into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. For more than two weeks we have been wandering the borders of the unthinkable, to arrive today, finally, at the all but inevitable acknowledgement of his…

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Am I the only one feeling like the most fundamental thing we lost last weekend with the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, was our grip on reality and the meaning of truth and decency?

I followed this story with a kind of obsession that is rare for me. Not because I related to Dr Blasey Ford, though I do. Not because I despise Brett Kavanaugh, or I thought his record of jurisprudence was the end of America as we know it. Though I fundamentally disagree with the very notion the Heritage Foundation stands for: grooming young ‘conservatives’…

Adriatic Sea, Makarska, Croatia 2018

Just so happens, I spent the International Day of Peace (September 21) traveling across the Balkans: from Belgrade, through Croatia, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and back to Croatia to see its famed shoreline. It was a breathtaking drive with varied landscapes from farmland to pine forest, from meadow lands to the mountainous seacoast, all in a leisurely 12-hour ride. It also happens to be where some of the 20th century’s most harrowing post-WWII conflict took place.

The story of the Yugoslav Wars is the story of nationalism turned violent and religious intolerance turned extremist. It is a lesson in how…

a fiction story about the moment, and choices we have and don’t have…

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We all know that nowadays, malls have replaced drawing rooms and public parks as places to meet up or get out. Great Houses of Commerce, they pass off as public spaces, with their entertainment centers full of movie theaters, amusement arcades, and their often elaborate sitting areas with dangling tea houses or lingering coffee pubs attached near by; and sprawling food courts with every type of international cuisine often in its fastest food varieties. Wherever you may be in the world, you will find them so. …

This is a writing exercise: literally “publish something that’s so personal it makes you want to vomit…”

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I remember a time in my life when I could became a mess for days at a time.

I remember when I would sit for hours and cry, for no clear reason. Sometimes I felt so tired I wasn’t sure how I would get out of bed. And there was no reason for it. I wasn’t sick. Everything was functioning in my life; I had a job I liked; I had good friends. …

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I stumbled into the 2018 World Cup quite by accident.

Though I never much developed the spectator habit, I have been playing football for nearly 40 years now. Even though I’m an American and a woman.

A Love Affair

In the case of sports, there is compelling evidence that this is basically a real relationship in your brain. In a very real sense, the sports team becomes a part of you.

— Eric Simons in “The Science of Being A Sports Fan” by Megan Gambino

Well, it’s not the first love affair to start with one person pretty sure it’s…

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Pain is inevitable in life. Suffering is optional. -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We all experience loss in life, and when it comes, it hurts. How much we are impacted by that loss is proportional to the importance we place on the subject of our loss. Losing your Saturday afternoon football match hurts a lot less than losing your job. The sudden death of someone we are close to hurts much more than losing our job.

Most of us need no support to get past the loss of our soccer match. …

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For a drop to exist it has to leave the ocean. But ultimately wherever the drop lands, it returns to the ocean.

Maybe it falls to the sand, where it merges, and makes it’s way slowly back to the sea.

Or it may separate to even smaller elements, to salt and minerals, and water, then eventually it finds its way back to the ocean, maybe as the river.

Some drops may evaporate. They become water vapor or even elements of hydrogen and oxygen, wander around in the atmosphere until finally, falling back to Earth or to the ocean as rain…

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Sometimes everything in life seems to coalesce into a coherent whole for just a moment, before spiraling back out into its random, free association, flow of events.

In the last 24 hours, I got a glimpse of that sync.

For a long time, the Food System, or the Food Security Movement has had my attention. It means for me, I eat a substantially more whole food, vegetarian, chemical free diet. And, I am engaged so that option remains possible even if it’s not yet a priority of governments or industrial agriculture.

It started when I was a college student in…

Nancie DiSilverio

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